Apartment Blocks for Crosby Lendlease, Leeds

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Project: Apartment Blocks for Crosby Lendlease

Overview: We were awarded the contract for the construction of five concrete frames at this landmark development in Leeds. Construction began in 2002 and Metropolitan were off site at the end of 2006. Once completed the concrete frames are now home to 1,100 luxury apartments. In total 70 floors were built across the five phases. This included in February 2006 the construction of the base of the 21-storey tower from 225 tonnes of reinforced steel, which was covered by 960 cubic metres of concrete poured continuously for 12 hours on site by two concrete pumps.

  • Block A – 24 weeks
  • Block B – 28 weeks
  • Block C – 28 weeks
  • Block D – 40 weeks
  • Block E – 36 weeks